July 24, 2009


I like beginnings.

Most people will say I am fond of many things, but that is an overstatement. For example, I do not like the color, army green. Neither do I like the way dryers leave my pillow cases wrinkled and smothered with lint, seeing pillow cases are not the sorts of articles to be ironed and removed of lint. I do not like velvet unless it is in cake form particularly the red kind. As usual though, I digress. I do that a lot and I like it quite a bit. In any case, I like beginnings. I like the beginning of new things. The idea of having the chance to start afresh. The possibility of new things, things that have never taken place. I like the likelihood that things are going to happen. The whole world can change in an infinite amount of ways and I won't know the outcome. It is all enough to make one dizzy with joy and excitement for things that is yet to present itself.

So, I like beginnings.

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