September 25, 2009

Catch my disease

I think I may be suffering from a stress-induced case of the colds (is that even a word?). I'm not sure if it's psychological, as most things with me are or if my symptoms are simply allergic reactions. All I know is that I have been coughing colors since yesterday evening. By colors, I do not mean an array. I really just mean one. I am attempting to make my cold a bit more festive is all.

Although I really do think it would be neat if everyone coughed all sorts of colors out of their systems, like teal or coral, or golden yellow. And by no means would they be filled with dangerous, life-threatening microorganisms but instead the most warm and wonderful feelings of sentiment to counteract the doldrums and revulsion swimming in some of our systems.

Cough! Let the love spread!

(Although I do admit that this idea/concept is terribly outlandish even for me. Eh I guess I really am under the weather.)


  1. Hi five for getting sick at the same time!!!

    I have a lot of shades of green coming from my nose if that counts?

  2. Yes, sneezing colors, coughing colors, same concept!