September 8, 2009

I am attempting a kickboxing class for my fitness, well and to qualify as a full time student (I am finally taking it easy this semester). I think I might just die seeing as how I have never even tried kickboxing in the short twenty years (+ a few months) of my life. If it is as intense as that Tae Bo video Michael and I ventured to master years ago, I am doomed. I might not even last a minute. I have always thought of myself as more of a peaceful, zen-seeking, meditating kind of girl. I'm firm, but gentle. Perhaps too gentle?

Is it conventional to be a bit skittish about a kickboxing class? I am just a little intimidated by all this. I'm not even sure of what to wear tomorrow! I literally just googled 'what to wear to kickboxing'.

I find it a little ironic that I am working on my bod well into late summer, after swim suit season. And against my own will! Well sort of. I would much rather take a class that requires minimal mind capacity. Also, I wouldn't need to burn a hole in my wallet for another text book I won't even attempt to open. A lot of work goes into lugging that text book home into a drawer that will never be opened until the end of the semester, only to be sold back for less than half the price. I am sure you would do just the same in picking your classes!

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