September 30, 2009

Of those and things I've come to know.

I have grown out of my adolescence. I know I didn't party during wild hours of the night, act like a mad woman in the middle of the streets or manage a boyfriend, but I did it my own way. That is not to say I do not have regrets, I have plenty. At the moment though, I think I can say I've used my adolescence to grow into thinking more realistically and behaving more sensibly. "We don't learn," as Lili said, "We just get older, and we know." I've had the opportunity to experience the flavors life has to offer. Feeling the love, the sorrow, the perplexity, the sun, the gloom, the rain. I have friends, lost some and gained new ones. There are those who love me, and those I love right back, most of which I love to death at that, and one with whom I've been deeply and romantically involved with. I am grateful for everyone who has ever been involved in my life.

I've come a long way from the wide-eyed girl squinting her eyes over the window with each morning of each day. I am big now, grown (mentally, at least). I was never the edgy teenager. Neither do I expect to enter my adulthood fashionably. I really don't intend on being accepted by the universe.

I have come to realize what I truly want out of this life. I want to continue the way I have, and with God I'll be able to make it mean something.

(Thank you.)

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