February 21, 2010

Of trees (?)

Forests always fascinate me, trees more specifically. Unmoving yet alive, a fusion of wild and still, both chilling and so inviting. Well at least photographs and poetry have told me so. A recent visit to Mount Tamalpais validated such accounts.  I've seen woods before, sure, but those cone-bearing trees with needlelike leaves resemble little movement, with a more vertical, linear expansion toward the sky. The trees on Mt. Tam were different. With broad branches stretching out toward the horizon. The limbs going out in every direction giving birth to shadows. The outline of the tree emerging from the brawny roots of the tree on the ground and those same beefy roots reaching deep into the earth. Both are intriguing in appearance, but sometimes it's just more exciting to have your atmospheric side stirred. The art the sun light creates against those sweeping branches is enough to take one's breath away. I plan to climb one the next time I visit.

(Yes, yes I know the term "Tree Hugger" came to your minds at least once while reading this post).

1 comment:

  1. I love Mt. Tam!

    When I used to deliver mail, that mountain was my route :)