April 26, 2010

I don't remember ever going through a writer's block as long as the current one seems to last. Words have been escaping me. Everyone has experienced almost having the word at the tip of their tongue so you know just how frustrating it is. Well, I've been experiencing it every ten minutes. Recently even the faintest noise has been enough to completely shatter any creative thought I might be fostering. Epiphanies occur as they do, but it seems my mind has lost the ability to retain them long enough to turn them into anything meaningful. My sentences are also beginning to lose grammatical coherence. The lack of content in my journal entries and even my posts on the interwebz has begun to overwhelm me.

Well, that is that.

Maybe it's all the sweet morsels I've been consuming in immense quantities on a daily basis? Yes, that just might have everything to do with it.

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