April 14, 2010

Taking time to thank a friend, (publicly).

I received a package addressed to "Pie Mora" earlier today. Inside was an umbrella. Not just any umbrella but a nifty "bantamatic" umbrella that automatically opens and closes with a touch of a button! For an added bonus, it also protects skin from harmful UV rays (as it says on the tag).  It is just too neat, not to mention it matches with my trench coat (oh and also the wall of my bedroom even though I know I will not have the need to use it in here). Thanks Mark M!

Oh yea, it's been quite sometime since I've used photobooth so this was the perfect opp (sorry!)


  1. OMG you're embarrassing me. This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. You're too sweet hahaha. I saved this page and will keep it forEVAR. Seriously, it gives me a tingly feeling or whatever. You really made me smile! HAHAH.. you're too much..

    Awesome pictures by the way. You're so photogenic! And.. good at taking pictures (what's the word for that? HAHA).

  2. You're MUH FAVE, cherie faye! hehehe