April 2, 2010

This is only the beginning.

The next month is going to be treacherous, unnerving and murderous. Have I been loaded over with a strenuous amount of goings-on? Maybe. No, I know I have. Somehow, when such occasions and appointments are planned, they coincide with each other. I will admit that it is all well-designed, it's how we are so in sync with the world and in some strange way, all inter-connected with each other. A theory I will probably look into some other time, when time permits. Actually come to think of it, I may not even have time to complain about how demanding this all will be.

The truth is though, that I have been quite feverish about all this (pertaining to the various celebrations and activities going on, but most definitely excluding midterms and my late-start classes). I have been excited for months now. I just had to post it here, to remind myself that it will only get as hap-hazard as I will let it be.

So this is it. This is the big breath before the hustle and bustle begins. This is the last glimpse of me before I lose my sanity!

(but just a little, I'm sure I will still be functioning socially, err hopefully.)

1 comment:

  1. where the eff have you been? i feel like youve dissapeared off the face of the earth (lack of online social net working does that) i honestly miss you!