May 4, 2010

I am aimlessly browsing the internet waiting for this cup of sleepytime to settle in. I made the mistake of ordering a chai latte earlier tonight and ordinarily, if not always, the caffeine does not go into effect until about an hour later. It takes about a century and a half for the potency to wear down. I am conducting an investigation to see if neutralization between the two is possible. It is too bad that I've no background in such things because I'm not even sure about the safety of this mixture of fluids. If it is in any way hazardous I hope it's not doing too much damage. Oh, but I am just so desperate to sleep! I am drained, but my eye lids refuse to secure themselves!

Anyway, I have been googling many a things since I have not been able to sleep. I wonder if one could have a good perception of a person based on their google searches. Yet another theory I will look into when time permits (or rather when my mind permits). So without further ado, I present a list of some of my searches:
  • protea
  • high arch feet 
  • spirulina
  • iron deficiency 
  • antique expo bay area
  • custom temporary tattoos 
  • how to carmelize onions 
  • banksy
  • waffle recipes
Yes, there really was no point in this post, I know.  Have a pleasant Star Wars Day!


  1. I wonder what kind of feet I have.