July 15, 2010

Almost 22

I find it difficult to believe that I, Cherie Faye, will be 22 by this time tomorrow. I am excited, ecstatic even, I can feel the tingling in my bones. Though I am not even completely sure why since I've nothing to be really excited about considering I've made no plans for the occasion. But maybe it's just a good feeling, a good feeling that I won't make a fuss about because I like it, and quite a bit. Although I do suspect this feeling has something to do with a birthday package I received in the mail a few days ago. It was a book, actually. One of my very favorites to say the least. And I've declared it as the best and most thoughtful present I've received in the short 21 (very close to 22) years of my life :)

And so the countdown begins, here is to the eve of my 22nd.


  1. OMG did I just miss your birthday?? The time zone difference confuses me. I'm so irresponsible! I'm so sorry!! Happy (belated) birthday! >_<

  2. No you didn't miss it Mark, it's still the 16th over here hahaa. But thank you :)