September 30, 2010


I recently just discovered that my right arm is slightly longer than my left. About a quarter of an inch, to be exact. This finding left me wondering and questioning many things. Do I have a mild case of elephantitis? Am I meant to use this lengthy arm for good or villainy? Do I have a twin I never knew about who bullied me and constantly pushed the left part of me, elongating and transferring the growth to the part of my body that was to develop into my right arm when we were but tiny fetus(es)?  Does he or she love ice cream as much as I do? Or more appropriately, what is to become of my life now that my right arm is actually longer than I thought?

Well no I never really asked myself those things. I am not that ridiculous. Okay yes, well sometimes I may be, but I am now a little more concerned about being aesthetically symmetrical. I think I may just have to start reaching for books with my left arm.

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