November 2, 2010

Children's Night 2010

I may have lost my voice Sunday night, but it was worth it. This may have been the most tiring but for the most part, the most fulfilling Children's Night we've had. The officers really pulled through and you could see the fun in the children's faces. I've never seen them so exhilarated and so adrenalized over the games and prizes. I was almost afraid that our neighbors would call the cops on us! We also have the Buklods to thank. I've yet to think of an instance when we've ever had to ask them for help because they are always the first to ask if we need anything.

The weather almost became an issue because the forecast said it was going to rain. But guess what? There wasn't a cloud in the sky on Sunday, not a single one. In fact, it was quite warm for a day in Autumn. We already know Who to thank for that one :')

Here is to an amazing Children's Night (the photos are from Ate Marizel's album)!

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