November 7, 2010


I have been combatting ailments of all sorts lately. An intense cold, a sore ligament in my left knee (the cause of which puzzles me seeing as how I have been physically inactive for weeks now), soreness in the right side of my mouth due to some bite and pressure issue and my skin has been having some serious reactions to some unknown allergen, most of which occurred simultaneously in the past few weeks or so.  I've been able to get the most important of the most important things done. These afflictions have only been but a tiny bump in the road, thank goodness! I've been getting through the weekend without having to blow my nose every eight seconds. I have been mending myself and I feel quite good!

I am sad to report though that there may have been a few casualties. I've gone and transferred my cold to a few people. Do not fret, it's really only a display of how love is being spread! (In viral form).

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