January 15, 2011

Of Tresses

I know it must seem so silly to make such a fuss about my hair, but I came across some photos of myself with long hair as I was browsing through the archives (and photo booth). Though fixing my hair has become an easy task, I really do miss having long hair, very very much so! Sometimes I even day dream about it! I cut most of it off about two years ago for Locks of Love. I've been mourning my locks since then (but only slightly so since it was for a very good cause) and have been making attempts to grow it back, but I end up chopping it away when it gets to that awkward length. That length where it's almost impossible to do anything with your hair, too short to be put up nicely, but not long enough to be left down. I think it's been months since I've had a good hair day! Currently I am at the half-way point of growing it back to the way it was. Actually, I think this may be the furthest I've come.  I really miss those long, black frizzy waves (as time-consuming as it was to tame them). I plan on gettin' 'em back, really this time!

There is a huge chance though that I may go through the whole cycle over again, but what is life without giving up some things for another who may need it? AMIRIGHT? :)

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