January 6, 2011

This Year, I Resolve To

(Photo by Patrick Cline for Lonny)

  1. Master a dish (or two)
  2. Become more decisive
  3. Add more color to my life (or wardrobe, rather)
  4. Sleep properly
  5. Write some more
  6. Read ever more voraciously
  7. Read The Bible in its entirety
  8. Think less of myself (and more of others)
  9. Do all things out of faith, love and sincerity 
  10. And love, love, love even more.
Happy New Year, Happy 2011! Terribly belated, I know. 2010 made quite a hasty exit and I loved it so, so much, but let's move on to other things, the future perhaps, like this upcoming year. To a happy and bright beginning! Open your heart to an entire year of new things! 

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