June 21, 2011

Dear Summer,

{photo: Rachel Mcginn}

How did you get here so quickly? Just yesterday, I was eagerly awaiting for June to arrive. After the rainiest and perhaps the gloomiest Spring I have ever experienced, here you are! I hope you bring endless sunshine and good times. 

There is already much planned during your season, devouring books and books on end, movie premieres and marathons with good friends, camping in my backyard, having brunch in our patio, vacations with my family and trips to the beach! I anxiously await your sunny weekends, filling them with bike rides, hikes and picnics!

What I love most about you, Summer, are your evenings. There is something so magical about your sunsets. You certainly know how to make the night even more romantic. Late night walks on the beach, long talks in the moon light, star gazing. Your nights are just beautiful. 

Oh, Summer. I love everything about you, your constant warmth and sunshine, not needing a sweater, succulent nectarines, lazy afternoons, floppy straw hats, sleeping in, the way your breeze flows through open windows, the way you make my skin glow and Sundays spent at the Chapel. I can't wait to see the fun adventures you'll bring this year. Please stick around for a while. We all know how weary I become when the weather gets cold. Everything is so much brighter when you're here. You make everything under the sun seem golden. You warm my heart so.

Cherie Faye 

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