August 25, 2011



As nifty as e-books are (seriously nifty!), I really love collecting the stories I read to be absorbed in them over and over again. The binding and cover of some of my books are in a horrible state, but that's only because they are so good. Their shabbiness is just an indication of just how engaging the story is. Many of them are "well-used". I quite love adventures even if they are not my own. One day, I'd really love to make a fortress made of my collection and sequester myself in it for a few days, reading my very favorites with an abundance of cookies and juice boxes at my disposal. I've still a long way to go, but some day. Anyone care to join me?

We'd have restroom breaks of course, in case you were wondering :)


  1. not gonna lie. i put my kindle up for sale in hopes that theres gonna be a better kindle next year.

    ordered a paperback yesterday. i still want mini library in my future home.

  2. Does that mean you are contributing to and joining the party? :)