November 26, 2011

Beauty and the Beast in 3D

 Beauty and the Beast is my most favorite Disney Classic. I've never had the experience of seeing it in theaters (as I was only three years old at the time it was released), but I remember watching it countless times on VHS (remember those big ol' rectangular things?), rewinding and rewinding it as the days went on. Belle twirling in a beautiful golden yellow dress, an entire castle to explore and talking teacups! What wasn't to love, right? 

 Belle became a character I learned to admire over time. Her individuality, her intellect, her integrity, her kindness. I only grew to appreciate and love the story even more, learning to take in the true and simple message of the story: to open your heart to the true beauty inside of others, to simply love one another for who you really are and to change for the better. Disney presented it in such a way that it can be understood by people of all ages. Pure magic I tell ya. I can't help but tear every time I see it, it just takes you away.   

I must see it, I must! (And multiple times!)

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