January 28, 2012

The Greatest

  It's hard to see the amazing life you were once promised at a young age quickly crumble. Sometimes, grasping that reality is harsh. And yet often times it is also one of the most beautiful things about life, learning and un-learning. We are all humbled by life at some point. We are selfish until we are confronted by fate and we have to grow up. It's a moment of understanding when we realize that our dreams are just that. Dreams. But instead of being disappointed, instead of being upset, we accept it. We stop fighting it and realize that maybe those dreams were never really meant for us after all. It helps us get up and regain ourselves as much as we can. We accept it with love and we accept it with faith because we trust that better things will always await us. And it will all be shown to us, someday. 

 Chan's voice and her lyrics are a powerful combination. So much heart was put into writing this song, as broken as it may have been.  And that's what makes it so beautiful, simply beautiful. I was inspired by a lesson today about contentment in God's love no matter the conditions our lives may be in, so this song has been on repeat for the past few hours. (I also listen to it when I am a serious, and I mean serious, mess. This song, I think, has carried me through some really rough days.) I love you, Cat Power. 

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