January 15, 2013

This Year, I Resolve To...

  1. Be up by at least 7am everyday
  2. Have a hearty breakfast each day
  3. Try out a new recipe each week (or let's be realistic, each month.)
  4. Write a hand-written sentiment each day
  5. Stop being such a consumer and learn to love and appreciate the things I already have. And on that note...
  6. Just be content :) 
  7. Fill my head and my heart with even more new stories and adventures (by books or my own.) 
  8. Do more
  9. Spread happiness and love, love, love, love and love
  10. Trust and love Him completely, with everything I have

I am so ashamed to be so terribly late on this. I really should have done this weeks ago, but life gets in the way and before you know it - poof! There just isn't any blogging time (though it seems this is always the case with me, hah!). It looks as if some of my resolutions are similar as last year's. There is always room for improvement I say, there's always room to be better. Happy 2013! :)

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