September 19, 2014

Coast to Coast

{image via albie designs}

For the past week I have been nothing but ecstatic for my family's trip to the East Coast. I have lists and lists of places I would love to see and eat. I can hardly stand the anticipation! I've also been packing little by little each day so I am not befuddled trying to pack things the day before/the morning of (I am horribly a procrastinator at times, will expand more on that later). I am so excited that it is almost sickening. I barely slept last night thinking about it all. Which is why I'm here posting about it most rantingly. (I don't think rantingly is even a word considering I see the red line of death.)

Toodles for now, friends. Happiest Friday :)

PS Aren't those prints charming? There are more prints of cities listed for purchase in the etsy link above!


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