November 22, 2014

Rain Boots & Puddles

I headed to the library to do some reading after work the other night. Having my rain boots on, I walked through every puddle I saw. I loved hearing the water sloshing as my boots passed through. I looked for the deepest ones. The ones that would make the loudest noises. It felt good. Wonderful, even. Liberating. I was just happy. I thought I was alone, but as I got closer to the entrance, a man passed by and said, "That looks fun". Shocked and slightly embarrassed, I replied with "Oh..." and then smiled and looked away. He was right. It was fun and I quite liked it. Why am I embarrassed? "Everyone should try it sometime", I said with a grin. Then said, "Thank you." for opening the door. It was the first time (not in my life, but maybe just in a long, long time) that I felt happy just being myself. And that felt really good.


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